Full-face gas masks

Full-face gas masks

We are a traditional long-term manufacturer and supplier of gas masks for both civilian and armed forces, including the Czech Army. Our gas masks are suitable not only for the military but also for civilian, industrial and medical use.

We have made significant deliveries to partners in Europe and global markets. We also focus on the development of new gas masks using the latest knowledge from practice.
We also supply accessories for masks such as filters, bottles, bags, communication systems, etc.


The OM-2020 gas mask is our latest model and combines the advantages of both military and civilian masks.

As the proven model CM-6, it offers reliable protection for a wide range of professional areas.

This mask has proven its high efficiency and versatility not only in military and police fields, but also in fire brigades and in industry.

A type of mask designed for use by police, firefighters, civil defence forces, industry etc.

The long term proven track record of this model has made this mask a sought after product.

In response to the pandemic situation, we modified this mask in to the CM-6-MED version for use in healthcare sector.

The OM-90 military gas mask was developed in cooperation with the Czech Army and is included in their equipment.

Design of this model with a pair of separate visors allows effective aiming with weapons and the usage of optical devices.

This mask is officially included in the NATO catalog due to its use by the army of the Czech Republic.

Protective filters and accessories

Protective filters 

Protective filters are designed to capture harmful substances from the passing air. They are used as part of filter breathing apparatus in an environment where the oxygen content is at least 17% by volume. They are intended for use with a full-face protective mask.

We offer a wide range of filter types depending on the type of use and pollutants. Based on these facts, it is necessary to choose an anti-gas or anti-particle type, or a combined type of filter. 


The textile satchel is designed for both civilian and military use. It is designed to carry a protective mask and two filters attached to the bottom of the bag. It also allows the mask to be worn with the filter fitted in standby mode, including a spare filter.

It is equipped with a shoulder strap and two belt loops. Bag parameters and color can be modified according to customer requirements.


The bottle allows fluids to be taken with a mask on in a contaminated area.
Material PE, Volume: 0,8 l

Disposable protective suit JP-90

Disposable protective suit JP-90 It takes the form of a disposable cape to protect the surface of the body and equipment when attacked by weapons of mass destruction for the time required to leave the infested area. JP-90 protects individuals from coarsely dispersed aerosols and droplets of poisonous substances, biological warfare agents, other toxic substances and radioactive dust.


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