Compounding and Regranulation

Compounding and Regranulation

Compounding is a process that creates a new type of granulate with the requested parameters according to customer needs. The actual production takes place on the compounding line, the main part of which is the extruder. The melt is pushed by a pump through a granulator to produce a granulate of defined dimensions, which is then entrained with water, cooled, separated and dried.

Regranulation is the process of processing used plastics from the Post-Industrial (PIR) or Post-Consumer (PCR) waste sphere. The material is cleaned, crushed and then the pulp is melted in an extruder, additives may also be added to improve properties. The material is intended for further use in production.

This process is environmentally friendly and helps us to reduce waste. Regranulate has the same properties as new plastic, but is much cheaper and also reduces the need for primary production of the material.

The goal of the set processes is to have zero need for new material for the production of plastic products in our company. Thanks to the principles of the circular economy and the cooperation of our partners and customers, we are well on our way to carbon neutrality.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for the compounding or regranulation of your waste plastic materials, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are specialists in the production of high quality regranulate and will be happy to support you to meet your requirements.


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