Car mats

Car mats

We produce car carpets from technical rubber and TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. We have a long experience with production – we produced the first car carpets in 1955. Today, this program takes a significant part of our production and it is sold not only in the Czech and European markets, but also in South America and the Middle East, for example.

Car mats OEM

We are a major manufacturer of original accessories, tailored car mats for OEM customers.

For the most important customers/brands, we provide the entire process of preparation and production of car mats.

We make them both from technical rubber and, in the last decade, mainly from TPE.

Every year we produce and deliver to 3.5 million. of car mats every year.

You can find our car mats in accessory offer of Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Seat, Toyota, Skoda, VW and many other brands.

Thanks to our professional work, we annually participate in the preparation and implementation of dozens of new projects for our important partners.

Car mats GUZU

You can also find Gumárny Zubří brand car mats in almost every car.

We offer a wide range of tailored fitting car mats that provide an ideal price/performance ratio and with which hundreds of thousands of new users are satisfied every year.

Our offer includes more than 350 types of car carpets for passenger and commercial models. The annual production of our car carpets amounts to 1.5 million. manufactured and delivered pieces.

We make our car mats from technical rubber and from 2023 also from TPE, when with a relatively simple modification in the production process we can bring our customers an even better and higher quality product, moreover, made from recycled materials.

We also offer several product lines of universal car mats – VARIO, UNI, GLOBAL, RGF – to customers who do not choose from the portfolio of tailored ones.

In our offer you can find, also rubber mats for the luggage compartments, which are an invaluable helper against any pollution.

GUZU PREMIUM Textile car mats

We provide our customers with the maximum offer in the field of car accessories, which is why in 2020 we included new textile car mats in our production program.

In our offer you will find original, 3D-shaped car mats made of high-quality material, which is used by the vast majority of manufacturers of branded textile car mats.

Together with the inner structure, which does not let water come through, such a car mats are suitable for almost year-round usage.


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